Envronmental Waste & Management


by Deslog Training & Consulting Limited



How we manage our waste and control substances and items that we consider to just be "rubbish" is a critical factor in the way we need to protect our environment and ensure a quality of life for us and our family.

Environmental Waste Management Course deals mainly with the management of waste. However, waste cannot be looked upon as a separate issue to the conservation of the environment.

Our expert tutors have been trained in how to deliver first-class virtual programmes, blended to include a range of media and activities, some of which can be completed at your leisure around your day-to-day commitments.

They'll guide you through a series of 1- or 2-hour live modules to help you progress through the programme and apply and embed your learning. You'll have opportunities to pose questions to the tutors, interact with other attendees, and there will be someone there to support you every step of the way.

Like our classroom-based training, our virtual programmes have been carefully designed to ensure the highest possible quality of learning.

Wastes are resources used inefficiently and as such, they are money down the drain. This course covers what is waste and how can it be minimized, what is pollution, how waste is disposed of through natural processes and how to harness those processes to better manage waste disposal. The course covers such things as water quality and treatment, recycling, domestic and industrial waste and even the management of more toxic waste.

Understand and learn about waste management, waste treatment and recycling and how it impacts on our environment. Work in Waste Management or sustainability, expand your skills and improve your environment.

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