Quality Assurance /Quality Control (QA/QC)

Prioritizing Quality Product & Service Delivery

by Deslog Training & Consulting Limited



Quality Assurance Quality Control (QA/QC) course focused on general industry standard and procedures to adherence to specifications and requirements of improving quality of the final product, reducing errors and on improving overall organization of work.

Quality Assurance Quality Control (QA/QC) training course help you to learn the fundamentals to achieve maximum customer satisfaction at the lowest total cost by focusing on delivering a quality product or service by improving your management processes, or set up a better quality management system.

With Deslog Training & Consulting Online training solutions, you can study from the comfort of your home or office at times that suit you. All courses are thoroughly discussed with practical demonstrations, live classes and come with high examination pass rate.

Participants will learn the systematic process of determining whether products meet customers' expectations and how to avoid problems when delivering solutions or services to customers. The course is designed for major industries such as; Oil & Gas, Construction, Maritime, Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics, Mining, Telecom, Aviation, Engineering operations, etc.

Module 1:   Quality Assurance/Quality Control Course

Module 2:   Assessments

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